About Us




Company's History

Bess Motors Ltd was incoporated in 1996 and have been importing over 4000 vehicles from Japan, Singapore and Thailand. 

Bess Motors Ltd imports both foreign used vehicles as well as brand new vehicles from Japan, England, Singapore an Thailand. Over many years of providing excellent customer service the company has grown to provide various services including Auto Rentals, Auto Parts, Automotive Repairs and Mechanical Services, Air Condition Services, Auto Electrical Services (with full/latest diagnostic testing) and Auto Detailing.




To be th BESS Full service Auto Dealership company while providing excellent customer service.  


Mission Statement 

With a proud and proven track record, we are fervently committed to providing.

  • BESS Quality Brand New and Foreign Used passenger as well as commercial vehicles at affordable prices 
  • BESS Parts and Accessories for all make and models of vehicles
  • BESS services at our compound for ALL make and models of vehicles
  • BESS Customer Care for ALL 
  • BESS Experienced Team/Employees for our valued customers
  • BESS Company, Enriching communities